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Data Analytics and Data Strategy are Crucial

Big Data's potential to yield key insights from business information is well known. However, it is equally well acknowledged that only a small percentage of this data gets analyzed. As data explodes in quantity and complexity, companies find it increasingly difficult to unlock its full potential. MHP's Data & Technology team takes a comprehensive approach to meeting the data challenge and transforming it into a lever of success. We've advised many well-known company's in a variety of Big Data and Data Strategy related topics across industries and geographies. Our proprietary approach is based on client experiences as well as technical expertise, external partnerships and cutting-edge insights. Our specialized Data & Technology team is global, multidisciplinary and seamless. We will help you to leverage proven analytics methodologies, best practices and tools to define the right analytic solutions, that solve complex business challenges and drive future growth.

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We want our customers to be able to leverage their data and state-of-the-art technology to gain a competitive advantage.
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Data Maturity Assessment

Does your organization have a data strategy that is governed and communicated?
Are any data use cases defined within your organization?
Does your organization measure KPIs for Data & Analytics (Data quality, security, access, …)?
Do your employees or business functions continuously take some time to generate new use-cases for the data processed in their functional area?
Is the platform architecture defined?
Can new use cases be quickly tested as a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in your company, e.g. with the help of virtual sandboxes?
Is data collected automatically and with as little manual effort as possible?
Do you have a state-of-the-art Data & Analytics tool stack available?
Is the data / analytics transformation in your company driven by top-management staff and supported by the employees?
Are there steering and escalation mechanisms in place to address data topics?
Does your organization have educational offerings in place in order to develop its employees in the field of data & analytics?
Are decisions in your company driven and backed by data intelligence?
Do you have dedicated resources to manage a data platform?
Does your company have standards, processes and KPIs for master data management?
Does your company have standards, processes and KPIs for data classifications?
Does your company have measures in place to ensure data protection and compliance regulations?
Does your company have a standardized set of business and IT vocabulary (business glossary & data dictionary)?
Are your access rights for the available data managed automatically?
Do stakeholders get fast and reliable access to data once requested?
Does your company have standardized data access guidelines across departments?

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Our Data & Technology Leadership Team

Welcome to our Data & Technology Leadership Team. We are happy to assist you in a variety of Data & Technology related topics.
Take a look at our members and their qualifications to find the right fit for you.

Patrick Meyer

Patrick Meyer

Practice Lead

Patrick has been part of the global MHP success story since 2005 and is now leading the Data and Technology Team in the US. During all those years he kept a strong focus on Business Intelligence and improved the reporting landscape of numerous clients.

MHP Americas

MHP Americas was founded in 2011 to offer clients comprehensive management and IT consulting coupled with deep industry expertise. Headquartered in Atlanta, the US office supports customers throughout the mobility and manufacturing industries around the world. As a leading consulting firm for digital transformation, we support our customers through strategic innovations and end-to-end implementation.


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