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From “One Day” to “Day One”

Our management consulting approach is the answer to the questions and challenges that move our customers to the future of customer experience. Concepts and strategies that are successful today must subject themselves to constant change in order to ensure success in the future as well. Our team can ensure this future outlook will occur smoothly with well-executed strategies.

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Connected Customer Experience

From their vehicles to their smart homes, customers are moving towards a fully connected environment, enabled by technology. With our holistic consulting approach we are able to not only draft a concept for the board room but implement it all the way to the workshop to connect your customer’s world with your world.

Experiences that Matter

MHP continuously provides excellence along the seamless customer journey of our client’s business. With this in mind, we support our clients in creating an end-to-end customer experience with digital touchpoints that matter. Born in automotive, we offer best-practice solutions in management consulting, future retail, and Salesforce business analytics throughout all industries. Accelerate your business today with MHP’s Customer Experience team.

Our Services

We want our customers to prosper because their achievements and progress reflect our accomplishments. Driven by excellence means our customers successfully reach their goals. We provide the right comprehensive solutions for our customers' challenges in the following areas:

Our Customer Experience Leadership Team

Welcome to our Customer Experience Team. We are happy to assist you in a variety of Customer Experience related topics. Take a look at our members and their qualifications to find the right fit for you.

Karen Jain

Karen Jain

Practice Lead

Karen has over 20 years of Automotive experience delivering business transformation programs in the US and Globally. She is passionate about using data-driven strategies and innovative technology to create seamless, personalized customer experiences.

MHP Americas

MHP Americas was founded in 2011 to offer clients comprehensive management and IT consulting coupled with deep industry expertise. Headquartered in Atlanta, the US office supports customers throughout the mobility and manufacturing industries around the world. As a leading consulting firm for digital transformation, we support our customers through strategic innovations and end-to-end implementation.


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